SuperSpan is the only company in the world offering low cost protection to aircraft with shade structures. British Aerospace regard the SuperSpan shelters at Tamworth to be highly successful.




Not only has the large quantity of aircraft been more than adequately protected from hail but the shade and frost protection aspects have been unexpected bonuses. Two days after the 36 aircraft were wheeled under the canopies, a seriously large storm developed. Winds were recorded that went within a few mph of the designed load with no ill effect. Hail damage was widespread in the area but the structures performed perfectly. Since then it has emerged that the shade and frost protecting aspects of the canopies has brought great savings.




Mechanical staff are happy to make minor repairs to the planes without wheeling them in out of the hot sun. Hundreds of hours a year are saved because staff dont have to scrape ice and wipe dew off airplanes. In all the savings far outweigh the cost of the structure. Aircraft structures are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit small to large aircraft. Single structures are available that can be installed in a few hours.




Large structures can be provided for entire air colleges. The cost of these structures vary enormously depending on need. Contacting us for a quote may be pleasantly suprising. The savings in paint degradation alone will pay for the structure.

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