The SuperSpan system has been accepted by insurance companies as the best for large scale car protection. Many have imitated our structures (some less successfully than others). Clients appreciate that it is not always easy to acheive targets for completion but SuperSpan has an untarnished record. Structures are finished on time on budget. Sometimes this has involved extraordinary hours and intense organization when 2 hectares are needed in 6 weeks. For the Melbourne Grand Prix, 14 structures were produced and erected in a few weeks.




Our speed of production has come from years of experience. The first panels we made took days to make but gradually as the cloth became better understood, methods and patterns became refined and production far more certain, we are capable of gigantic construction projects with amazing turn-arounds. Structures can not only protect against hail and UV degradation. Bird droppings have been a major problem at ports around the world.




SuperSpan structures have proven to be extremely efficient at preventing acid etching of new car finishes from these random blessings from above. Insurance companies readily accept SuperSpan as hail protection. Since the company first started protecting clients assets, no product or plant has been damaged by hail when protected with SuperSpan. Panels sizes are adaptable to client requirements for parking bays, access etc.




Lighting can be attached to the poles and bar code readers to the entrance. SuperSpan can help design your totally functional storage area. Customised details such as rubber post protection can help ensure the success of your operation.



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