Shade for primary industry is an ever increasing need. It has been found that cattle in feedlots do better with shade, dairy cattle can produce up to 30 percent more milk and even sheep benefit converting feed to meat more quickly as they use less energy to control their temperature.




SuperSpan can provide different styles of shade to suit the needs of farmers from strip shade, the traditional method in cattle feedlots to vast gable roof structures for dairies.

There are many important factors in the design and selection of materials for these structures. Heavy cloth may not be best as the pens need to dry out in the cooler months. One of the solutions created by SuperSpan was the development of retractable shades. This enabled the shade to be furled out of the way during winter so pens didn’t become overly muddy.

SuperSpan has been involved in this sector for 15 years and we would be pleased to assist with your livestock or feedlot needs.




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