SuperSpan has built more wildlife enclosures than any other company. No small claim but SuperSpan is responsible for sheltering Rhino’s at Werribee park Zoo and protecting Birds of Paradise at the University of Lae in New Guinea. Port Douglas Rainforest Habitat was probably the most succesful interactive environment park in the world and it could only be done with the SuperSpan shade roof.


Sophisticated structures covering a wide range of needs can be developed. Not only tourism can benefit. Mining camps have been sheltered and found the benefit of no flying insects to be sensational. Structures have been built to prevent styrofoam boxes being blown away. Others have contained toxic waste or mining spoil. People have benefited from shade in pedestrian malls or while they are sitting at restaurants. Birds can be kept in or out. Visitors can be made comfortable in hot climates or warm in frosty ones. Temperature can be controlled by cloth choice and stabilised for the comfort of animals. Extreme heat and cold can be removed and the temperature can be kept closer to ground temperature.


Frost prevention has been a major reason for purchase of SuperSpan protection. While not completely preventing frost, shade protection minimises ice forming and retards the deadly thaw period giving precious plants a second chance.



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