Supermarkets, shopping centres, apartment car parks. All areas of concentrated parking can benefit from SuperSpan. The customers will find their cars cooler and cleaner than if parked outside.



The shade structure built for Gandel Pty Ltd at Bayside Frankston is proving very successful at attracting shoppers. It utilises the latest all monofilament 90% cloth.




Even shelter for farm equipment has proven to be beneficial. Equipment retains its new appearance far longer and rubber and plastic components stay new and pliable. The continuous shade roof is approximately one third the cost of a strip type roof. This is caused by the minimisation of restraining elements in the design. At the same time wind load ratings are generally higher for SuperSpan than for more traditional structures. Panel size is often critical in these conditions.




Posts must be mounted where they are least intrusive in the parking area and so panel sizes often have to vary to allow for different sized access ways. Different cloth types have different stretch characteristics which means that only some are advisable in these uses. Panels have been constructed up to 22 metres square or 484 sq. metres in size but the forces at this size can be large and it seems more economical at the moment to stay under this size. SuperSpan has been working on it.




There is a surge in demand for 90% and over shade factors. This has seen the development of a new range of monofilament fabrics. This cloth has very low stretch and tends to maintain its shape, making the possibility of an extremely large panel a reality. We’ll let you know when we break the next record.




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